viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2012



The seeds of the Native Americans, “Indian Americans”, didn’t shine like gold, so they were ignored by (New World) “Conquerors”.

Today, the human beings all together have to hear with awareness Mother Earth’s shout, as she asks for (demands) her essence, her vitality in order to continue breastfeeding us.

The “Indian Americans” cultivated with great care the quinoa, the amaranth and lots of other seeds compared today with mother’s milk. The Incas called the quinoa “Mother of seeds”; the Quechuas called the amaranth “The seed of joy”.

These treasures of energetic value must be rescued/recovered from the forgetfulness and mediocrity of ancient centuries. Like original beings, as humans let’s come back to our Indian mind regression, in order to banish the ignorance and manipulation (of firearms!).

Distressing songs come to my ear

The Indian’s voice I could hear

The deep shout of my mother earth

Crying for her children, hungry from birth.

Moaning of mothers brought to despair

By fighting men’s violence polluting the air.

For sage arms !Excalibur – Away!

Our hungry-wise heart will resound

When magic flute’s contaminating sound

The sacred music will play!

Seed’s treasure has to be brought back to life

In sacred union with goddess-wife

Eternal, primitive, original being: time…

Dear humble nature full of wonders, we praise you in respect of life. Give from your plenty, in compression, presents for children, husband and wife. Let be together but one family. Fulfil our dreams and bless the world. Make constantly the best; continue through mighty powers of your world.
Julia De la Rúa

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